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What kind of  delivery bag is suitable for your restaurant? After reading this, it is clear.

Read this post from Picvalue Corp, this article tells you all you need to know.

There are 5 main points for choosing a delivery bag.

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How do merchants choose the food delivery bag that suits their restaurant?

Customers ordering take-out is different from dine-in. The dine-in store has a facade, store decoration, waiter image, dish arrangement, and even in-store music and in-store temperature, which can greatly improve the customer experience.

If there is a takeaway order, the only image customers can see in the store is your takeaway packaging.

Therefore, special attention should be paid to the delivery bag. So today we mainly talk about the choice of each bag.

For the selection of food delivery for different categories, we must first understand the standards of packaging selection and choice.

Food delivery bag selection standard:

1、The most important thing is its functionality.

Functionality includes no damage, no deformation, no leakage, no odor, heat preservation, convenience, and the best taste.

2、In line with the characteristics of food.

For example, pasta needs to be ventilated, and soups do not need to be ventilated, otherwise, they will cool down.

3、In line with temperature characteristics.

Generally speaking, keeping warm or keeping cool is a problem that needs to be considered for different types of take-out packaging. It is necessary to be cautious when dealing with different items, different materials, and sealing.

4、Meet the requirements of food-grade use.

This is an issue that both merchants and customers need to pay attention to.

5、Strictly control costs.

Excessive prices will increase the cost of a takeaway.

Here are some food delivery  bag recommendations:

Motorcycle Delivery Bag

Insulated food delivery car bag

Food delivery bag for bike

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